Case Study: Red Squirrel Found On Second Floor

Case Study: Red Squirrel Found On Second Floor

A homeowner called for a possible squirrel break-in in a residential property in Mississauga. The property owner suspected to be mice present in the property as she heard a noise coming from the upper floors of her residential property, more precisely from the attic. A technician was dispatched hereafter and tried to locate the cause and begin the squirrel exclusion process. Most of the time, homeowners are not sure what is going on when the sound seems to come from the upper floors of the house.

 Exterior Inspection

The technician immediately started the first step of the exclusion process, namely locating and identifying the possible entry points. Alongside the identification, the technician combs carefully and thoroughly along the perimeter of the property to identify vulnerabilities along the perimeter of the property. These vulnerabilities can give way to other wildlife and other pests coming inside the building. These can include open and exposed air vents, windows that are not properly caulked, weeping vents, and other holes, crevices, and foundation gaps at the base of the home.

Exterior Inspection
The exterior inspection led the technician up the roof.

 All these points are identifiable by an experienced technician which is otherwise overlooked by a DIYer as technicians have a full understanding of the capabilities and limitations of pests and wildlife that roam the area. The exterior inspection eventually lead the technician to the second floor of the house on the roof. Two entry points were eventually located at the soffit intersection where the roof and the soffit meet and the fascia. This is often a frequent pattern we see in other cases. After the exterior inspection, the findings are then reported to the homeowner or contact person through a detailed list for recommended reinforcement and protection.

Initial Measures Taken

After the entry point was located, the technician decided to proceed with the second stage of the squirrel exclusion process. The technician discovered that a red squirrel was involved which is quite a rarity considering that most of the squirrels involve the Eastern-Grey Squirrel easily recognized by its off-to-jet-black fur. Eastern-Grey Squirrels are often found in urban areas whereas the Red Squirrel is often found in woods and forests.

The technician installed an igneous contraption called the One-Way Door. As the name already implies, the One-Way Door lets the animal exit and locks it out since the one-way door swings open way, and that is out. Once the animal realizes that it cannot re-enter, the animal is then forced to vacate the area.


Entry point For Squirrel
The red squirrel entry was found at the soffit intersection.

The technician installed the One-Way Door directly on the entry point with washers and bolts so the contraption would stay secured throughout the exclusion process. Now that the One-Way Door is installed the technician lets the property owner and contact person know that it will take a few days before the squirrel vacates the area.

After a few days, the technician returns and does a sweep to confirm whether the squirrel indeed left. The technician removes the One-Way Door and starts the exclusion by sealing the area with durable and flexible material called galvanized steel mesh. This material is resistant to all kinds of attacks and attempts by wildlife as well as pests to get in.


The homeowner did not report any sounds from the attic as the squirrel was completely removed using the technician’s skill and knowledge. A lot of homes have vulnerabilities that squirrels exploit time and time again. The damage that the squirrel can cause can be very significant when nothing is done on time. The best way to prevent damage and steep repair and restoration costs is by taking quick action. If you have a squirrel on your property or inside of it, contact Squirrel Control for squirrel control and prevention services at an affordable cost done by certified and licensed technicians.

Squirrel entry point sealing
After the squirrel left, the entry points were sealed.


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