Difference Between a Ground Squirrel and Tree Squirrel

Difference Between a Ground Squirrel and Tree Squirrel

For most people hearing about the differences between a ground squirrel and a tree, the squirrel is new information. People often don’t know that such a thing as a ground squirrel and a tree squirrel even exists! So what exactly are the key differences and how can you distinguish one from the other. For starters, like the name already implies, the tree squirrel mostly thrives in trees, but that does not mean that its feet won’t ever touch the ground.

The main behavioral pattern that distinguishes ground squirrels from the tree is that tree squirrels build their nests in trees and are at a much higher height than their low-to-the-ground peers. Ground squirrels, on the other hand, dig burrows, nest, and store food. They live in colonies below the ground.

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Physically, the differences are quite striking. Tree squirrels are slender, nimble, and can vary greatly in color. From Dark grey to a deep red. Their tails are also much less prominent than the ground squirrel. Ground squirrel usually has a cream color to a deep brown and looks quite regal and imposing with its thick coat of fur. This is ideal to blend in with the surroundings.

As many people in Ontario are familiar with, the Grey Squirrel is a mainstay in many urban areas across different cities. They usually hang out in public parks, cross the road, and find themselves often on private property as well. Notably, Grey squirrels are known for their amazing climbing ability. These types of tree squirrels exploit areas that are elevated such as attics.

The ground squirrel is a type of squirrel that Ontarians are less familiar with since they are not an invasive species like the Eastern Grey Squirrel. These squirrels mostly target vegetation and plants that grow fruit. They can also destroy property in and around the yard. Since ground squirrels dig burrows, they can also damage the foundations of many residential structures such as the foundation of the home, decks, and sheds.

Whatever type of squirrel you are dealing with, ground squirrel or tree squirrel, the results are always devastating for homeowners who often bear the financial loss. Recognizing the signs of a wildlife intrusion is key to preventing a lot

of unwanted damage. If you hear strange noises in the early morning, see dirt scattered on your property, or see any type of damage to your property, you might be dealing with ground or tree squirrels!

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