When Squirrels Build Nests High in Trees

When Squirrels Build Nests High in Trees

Squirrels build nests usually around the colder months around fall beginning in October as a way to stay sheltered from the harsh temperatures in the winter. Tree squirrels do also build nests in already-existing cavities such as tree hollows. Tree squirrels such as the grey squirrel construct nests from a variety of materials such as twigs, leaves, branches which they build out slowly till it starts taking shape. Squirrels’ nests can be recognized by their balled-up shape. Other than that, there is a certain species of tree squirrel, the Eastern Grey Squirrel that is very invasive. The Eastern Grey Squirrel is a regular occurrence in urban cities across Eastern Canada. They are often seen in parks, the streets, and in trees that are planted throughout the city.

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These squirrels are quite urbanized and will turn to residential properties instead of trees. They will often climb on roofs to get to the attic. They will use brute force to get to the attic. Once inside the attic they can do a lot of damage to the insulation, the flooring, and even the wiring. Squirrels will leave feces, urine, and outside material everywhere. This leads to a heavily contaminated attic that leads to deep cleaning to get it back to its original state.

The feces and urine can heavily degrade the material to the point the whole insulation will need to be replaced. This can be a costly investment that can amount to up to thousands of dollars. If your attic doubles as a storage place as well, chances are materialistic damage is more than likely, if not guaranteed. The cost to restore and repair these items can be a huge blow financially.

Squirrels, just like other rodents such as the rat and the mouse have the habit to nibble on exposed wiring. This can cause a fuse and can even lead to house fires. The stench that is left by the dead squirrel can spread to other parts of the home as well.

Feces and urine can damage the flooring and can eventually seep through the wood resulting in deteriorating flooring that needs may need to be removed, if not completely decontaminated and sanitized.

Squirrels are problematic animals and need effective ways to get them to leave the property without doing them any harm or injury. This is where the technicians from Squirrel Control should be called in. Our wildlife removal specialists are certified and licensed to deal with squirrels ethically and safely using time-tested and government-approved methodologies. Our squirrel removal specialists have encountered thousands of cases throughout the years that we have been active in the industry and have an impressive track record of satisfied customers!

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