What Attracts Squirrels

What Attracts Squirrels?

Squirrels are everywhere in cities and forests alike. They are highly adaptable animals that do well wherever there are trees. As an arboreal species, they both live in and feed from the trees around them. If you’re worried about the squirrels in your neighbourhood, start by cleaning up after the trees in your yard. Then, get rid of food sources and make your roof inaccessible. Attics are a lot like big, hollow trees. Call Squirrel Control for comprehensive squirrel removal and exclusion. We provide humane and affordable squirrel removal services in the Toronto area.

Squirrels are attracted to yards where there are trees and lots of food to eat. They build nests out of twigs and leaves, weaving them carefully together in canopies and tree hollows. So, yards with big trees and many leaves on the ground are highly attractive. In terms of food, squirrels feed mostly on seeds, nuts, buds, bark, and berries, with the occasional insect and fungus. Bird feeders are squirrel magnets. Once in the yard, they may try to get into the attic. Attics, like trees, are above ground. Squirrels are attracted to their warmth and proximity to the food they eat in the yard.

How Do Squirrels Get in the Attic?

Squirrels get into attics by chewing and crawling their way through. They can smell openings in the roof and feel the warm air that escapes them. Plastic vent caps, gaps in the fascia, gaps along the soffits, and damaged shingles present squirrels with an opportunity to chew these openings wider and get inside. Squirrels have very strong, sharp teeth that never stop growing. The holes they make in the roof can be recognized by the teeth marks that surround them, and they are usually only about an inch and a half wide. Squirrels usually build their nests just beyond them.

Squirrels nesting indoors usually make a lot of noise. You may hear them squealing, scratching, and thumping around during the day. If you can get into the attic, you may also smell urine and droppings. With time, the urine that accumulates around the nest may seep down into the ceiling below, which creates a stain in the ceiling. Squirrels can do a surprising amount of damage. They like to chew on their surroundings, damaging the attic and risking power outages as they chew on wires. The holes they leave on the roof may also bring water into the attic, which may cause mold.

Call Squirrel Control for Humane Removal

Squirrels can be removed humanely with the help of a one-way door. This lets the animals leave on their own terms, but it prevents them from coming back. Call us today if you are worried about the squirrels in your area. A technician will perform an inspection and identify all the vulnerabilities on your property. If there is a squirrel in your attic, we can remove it safely. No matter the situation, we can help. We offer squirrel removal and exclusion throughout the Toronto area. Call us for an inspection today.

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