Best Tips For Dealing With A Squirrel Problem

Best Tips For Dealing With A Squirrel Problem

Squirrels are fuzzy and cute little creatures, but are difficult to deal with. Once they move inside your home, it is not easy to get them out. Their crazy antics are loveable yet once they start raiding your bird feeders, make a lot of noises and strip the insulation of your electric cables that is indeed one big problem. In fact, they are major annoyance in the country, suburbs or the city. Thus, in order to control and deal with squirrels making a mess inside your home or garden, here are some tips that will surely help you.

Prevent them from gaining access to areas they commonly disrupt such as storage sheds or attics. Remove over-hanging branches that may allow them easy access to these areas. They can also gain entrance to your attic through utility wires or phone lines, so it is advisable to attach cone-shaped shields to the wires. You can also use squirrel repellent products available in the nearest local store which may discourage the entry of these creatures to areas they are disrupting.

Use live traps to prevent them from ripping your furniture and curtains, nibbling the windowsills and generally causing mayhem and mischief. There are live traps which can be rented as well as animal removal services that can assist in the removal and relocation process. These creatures should be relocated in natural or forest preserve area where they cannot cause problems to another homeowner.

When birdfeeders are raided by voracious squirrels, opt for feeders which are squirrel-proof. These feeders are really handy for serious bird lovers, although a bit pricey. They contain pepper additives which act as deterrent against squirrels yet not harmful to the birds. However, caution must be observe when administering the product since it is very hot which may cause burning sensation in the mouth or eyes.

In case there is a squirrel on the loose inside your house and is very desperate to get out, you just need show the door. Do this by closing all the interior doors while leaving a window or exterior door open. Leave the creature alone to allow her to find her way out. You may also set a humane trap with peanut butter bait on the floor. But, if the trap is not a good alternative, try this technique using a blanket. Hold the blanket in front of your body, approach the creature slowly, drop the blanket on her and roll it up quickly. Be careful not to press the squirrel as you take her outside. Place the blanket on the ground and allow her to escape.

Once these squirrels are out, it would be helpful to find their possible entryways such as chimney, furnace,
or fireplace and take steps to prevent them from gaining access again. Check also the attic for evidence of
entrance hole or nest and make some repairs.

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