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How Can You Squirrel Proof Your Home

Squirrels are a nuisance especially to home owners because they can knock trash cans and destroy garden plants and trees. Once they are inside the compound they can easily find their way into the house. Once inside the home, they can chew, scratch walls and tear out the insulation. The most asked questions by Canadian home owners is how can you squirrel proof your home? Below are measures to prevent entry of squirrels in homes.

These creatures are irritating because they sneak to bird feeders, gardens and to the attics. However, there are measures that can used to keep squirrels away from the homestead. Avoid feeding any animal or bird outside the house to minimize the possibility of attracting squirrels to the home compound. People in the neighbourhood should properly seal garbage cans. Consistently checking entrance points especially the corners for any holes or marks caused by the animal’s fur. Homes with chimneys should have chimney caps installed to reduce the entrance points of wild animals. Rooftop ventilation fans should be screened with galvanized steel wire because they cannot chew through steel wire unlike aluminum. Squirrels are relentless animals and they will always explore the house for any weak spots as an entry point. To avoid such a scenario, people are advised to always inspect all susceptible areas in the house. The best method of keeping these animals away from your house is by building your house using the appropriate building codes for vents, roofs and walls. If animal continue to enter the house, use animal traps which can be bought at farm and supply stores. Place the traps near squirrel routes inside the house. If you capture any of the animals, it is best to release the animal 15k away from your home so that they do not find their way back to the house. Home renovation companies are providing home owners with manuals and building materials that will effectively shield houses from any animal interference.

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