Can Squirrels Attack Your pets?

Can Squirrels Attack Your pets?

Squirrels are complicated creatures. Evolution made them cute and adorable so that humans would walk up to them and pet them, however, evolution also made the squirrel aggressive, territorial and filled with diseases like tularaemia. They can seriously harm a person if they consider the infiltrator in their territory so stay away from them when you can and when they are in your yard make sure to keep them away from your pets and children.

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While squirrels will always choose flight over fight when they are cornered they can draw out their very sharp talon-like nail they usually use for climbing sheer surface. These claws are very sharp, razor-sharp and with every drop of blood, they spill there comes the added risk that you will catch one of their many illnesses from the dirt under their nails, which can include sepsis as they walk on and often sleep near their feces and the feces of other animals. This is why it is so important not to make any physical contact with a squirrel if you see one running towards you they are not, they are running to the tree or structure behind you. However, if you disturb one of their nests the female will attempt to kill you and in some cases, the damage they can do could be life-threatening or at the very least, life-changing. Losing an eye to a squirrel is the last thing anyone wants to have a story from their past. 

Squirrels are more likely to attack animals than humans as animals are not like humans and will not either run away or try to show kindness. They will sniff it and in the case of a dog or other large carnivore, they will try to eat it. When the squirrel realizes it’s about to become lunch it will run up a tree or somewhere high up, if that is not something it can do then it will most certainly attack the dog, and it will likely die and its babies will likely go with her soon from starvation but at least the squirrel on your property will be gone. Now, this is not the end of the story, if your dog eats the animal then you will have to take them to the vet because they will get ringworm from that. 

If you have a squirrel living on your property or in your home you can call Squirrel Control. Our technicians know how to track and find squirrel entry points and to seal them and exclude them. After that, they will attach a one-way door to the main entrance the animal used to enter and force them out through the threat of starvation. 

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