Can squirrels be aggressive?

Can squirrels be aggressive?

When you see a skunk what is your first thought? To run away, right? To get as far away from it as possible. The same with a raccoon or any other scary wild animal. But what about squirrels? Most people think of them as cute little animals that collect nuts and run around like crazy little rodents. That is true, but not the whole story. Squirrels also eat baby birds and bird eggs when the parents are out hunting for food. They are aggressive and destructive and posses the ever-growing teeth of a rodent which means they need to constantly be chewing or else their teeth will grow through their lip.

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They are willing to eat almost anything and if you happen up a nest where a female is raising her young you may find yourself being attacked by a squirrel. This can be severely dangerous, and while squirrels rarely have rabies they do have sepsis coated claws and saliva that give you a swath of illness. So if it bites or scratches you, you will need to rush to a hospital for some penicillin. 

If you have squirrels on your property you need to do whatever you can to keep them away. You can try repellents, flashing lights and animal urine or you can try humane trapping. Remember, squirrels are protected wildlife, injuring, poisoning or killing them is very illegal and will get the SPCA very angry. So all methods of getting rid of them must be humane. One of the best ways of not getting them off your property but at least preventing them from getting into your attic is something called exclusion. It makes use of caps, steel mesh and vent covers that can protect your home from animal infestation. If this is something that interests you just give Squirrel Control a call and we can have a technician over in short order to seal up your entire home with a two-year guarantee that means we will come back and repair the exclusion or remove any animal that gets in for free, for two years. 

If you have squirrels on your property do not approach them. They are wild animals and you never know what they are thinking or planning. They may have a nest of babies, they may be starving and searching for food desperately in the winter. If you go up to them they will attack you and you will be sent packing to the hospital, even from one small scratch. 

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