Can squirrels damage a metal roof

Can squirrels damage a metal roof

Squirrels are a prolific and destructive pest that has infiltrated every aspect of society. Squirrels are so prolific the Empire State Building has to get them removed regularly. They infest both commercial and residential houses and building and their vicious teeth can get through many different materials from wood to aluminum. Squirrels can easily get through your roof in minutes but if you have a metal roof it is harder for them.

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Squirrels are not raccoons. They are not very strong and their teeth are nothing like a raccoon. They cannot break through your metal roof, very quickly, but in truth, they also don’t need to break through wooden or metal rooves. They are smart. A squirrel will run around the roof for hours searching for alternate entrances, how about through the drip edge if you have fascia boards protecting your drip edge then you may want to get something more sturdy because squirrels can just pull them out and push them to the side and squeeze between the gaps. If you have open vents or soffits, if you haven’t repaired your roof since the last winter, then it does not matter, you could make your roof out of Teflon coated titanium, squirrels will still find a way in.

The only chance you have to get them out is through a professionally attached one-way door. This can be costly and if you are planning on renovating your roof, getting an exterminator technician in to exclude and seal off areas animals could get into could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the coming decades.

So yes, a squirrel can damage an aluminum roof but they generally cannot penetrate it enough to get into the attic, they prefer finding alternative routes that allow them to enter a location with just a few chews. You are likely to see where they entered into the attic because there will be insulation pocking out of the hole and on the ground as they struggled through the hole in your drip edge or in behind a loose brick.

The reason squirrels are so dangerous is because they are so common, a raccoon will come around once every few years but squirrels are trying to get into your attic every single day from the end of the winter to the start. And once they get in for the winter, after a heavy snowfall, it becomes nearly impossible to get them out and the damage they will cause through the winter will be shocking.

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