Can squirrels damage your roof solar panels

Can squirrels damage your roof solar panels

Many people in these modern days are opting for their own roof solar panels to cut down on the costly electric bill, especially in the winter. However, there is a dangerous threat to your solar panels and it does not come from the sun. It comes from pests and wild animals. Any animal that can get onto your roof can do untold damage to your solar panels. Mice can chew through the wires, raccoons can quite literally tear it apart and deposit so much feces on it that you would have to replace it. But there is another dangerous animal that most people tend to ignore. A smart and willy animal that can do all of this damage all at once. The squirrel.

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Now as far as solar panels, they are generally made of very strong materials but a squirrel jumping from a far tree and landing on your panel may be able to crack the glass. The biggest issue though is not physical damage to the machine but indirect damage from feces and urine. The urine is the most dangerous part, it can cause a short circuit in the panel that could actually result in your roof catching fire. They can also chew on parts of it and they can do major damage to any wires that have not been properly protected.

If an animal manages to destroy your solar panel you will likely have to replace it. It is not much you can do to protect it so the best thing you can do is to get exclusion done on your roof and then get rid of anything that could attract wild animals to your property. You can start by storing your garbage in tightly sealed containers that are locked and then stored in the garage. Making sure the garage door meets the ground firmly and tightly. Get rid of any and all bird feeders, anything that provides food will provide food to squirrels. Do not feed your pets outside, and make sure your children don’t spill food when they eat outside. Clean up very well after backyard parties or BBQs.

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