Can squirrels get inside through roof ridges

Can squirrels get inside through roof ridges

Ridge vents are a terrible invention. They look good and they do help ventilate the attic but they are an open door to wildlife and pests. If you or a previous owner of the house has installed ridge vents you will need to call a professional wildlife removal company to come and inspect the damage and exclude the area. If they think an animal is in the attic through the ridge vent they will attach a one-way door to force it to leave. 

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The issue with ridge vents is they are not solid, they are an opening in the wood under the shingles and an animal need only rip off the shingle to gain access to the attic inside. This can be a serious problem, not the ridge vent, that can be repaired and excluded to prevent future entry, the issue is what the pest or wildlife will do once it gets into your attic. The attic contains an enormous amount of expensive and dangerous materials that wildlife can rip to shreds, the electric wire is their favorite chew toy and they love the insulation and make nests out of it. They will also defecate and urinate and bring rotting food into the attic. The hole they made will also allow rain and snow to enter your attic and cause the insulation to fill with water. In a very short time, the attic will be full of mold and feces, and wires will be chewed and sparking, ready to burn the whole mess down to the ground. 

So how do you stop all of this from happening? When you buy a new house make sure to get more than just a building inspector to check it out. Call in an exterminator technician who can do a full inspection of the house and warn you of the possibility of infestation. A full exclusion means sealing everything on the outside of the house that an animal could use to enter the home. It can also stop pests like mice and rats. There are hundreds of things you can exclude but money does not grow on trees so you will have to make some choices. The technician can help you maximize the money you have to block all of the most important entry points and then you can call them back in a few months when you are doing better. Call The Exterminators for a free inspection of your attic and house, with a free quote for the full treatment you need to have safety and security in your own home. How to protect roof soffits from squirrels

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