Can squirrels spread coronavirus? 

Can squirrels spread coronavirus? 

Humans have always been plagued by the diseases of the animal kingdom. Why? Because we are also animals and our genetics is only a hop-skip and a jump from the great apes who gave us HIV and AIDs. Swine flu from pigs, bird flue from birds. Bats gave us Ebola and SARS and rats gave humanity the greatest and most horrifying epidemic in human history, the plague. In a time before penicillin as well. We have always been driven by the danger of wildlife. Most of our medicine originates from treating animal bits and poisons and venoms from insects. 

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In the past fifty years, this has gotten worse. As the world warms the various species of the world lose track of where they are and who they are. They have to migrate out of turn and find foods they are not used to. This is causing an uptick in illness caused by animals as they choose to eat more and more food they have never eaten before and likely cant eat safely. We then come in contact with them, often eat them, like mad cow disease which shut down Europe for almost five years. 

Now, most animals carry dozens of pathogens, parasites and viruses but most humans are immune to them until the virus or pathogen makes a small but important genetic leap. This leap could be caused by something, by a disease the animal gets that influence the evolution of one of its carrier diseases. If this occurs the disease may evolve to infect humans. In truth there are likely millions upon millions of illnesses that have evolved to affect humans, we simply haven’t seen them yet. But we will. 

Coronavirus is theorized to have also come from bats but the question remains how it travelled so fast between humans. The disease came from somewhere and evolved to affect humans, wherever it cake from it was likely dormant, but now it is one of the biggest threats the human race has ever fought. 

While most animals, especially mammals can catch COVID it tends to remain dormant and often cannot be passed on to a human once it is in your dogs or cat’s body. They are very different from humans with short digestive tracts and powerful stomach acid and organs. They tend not to be affected by most diseases they carry and that seems to include COVID 19. So there should be nothing to worry about, your furry friends are not going to give you Corona. 

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