Can you protect your soffit with mesh roll

Can you protect your soffit with mesh roll

Soffits and fascia are a part of your home most people barely think about, and yet when it comes to weather, temperature and even your home’s aesthetic appeal is all based on the structure, cleanliness of your fascia and soffits. If they are dirty, broken or in bad shape, the entire value of your home will go down. Fascia and soffit are used to regulate the temperature of your home. Without proper facia and soffits help your house could get unnecessarily hot and your energy bill will shoot up.

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If it’s getting old and warped it becomes a natural pathway to your attic for wild animals, pests and rodents. The danger of having an unprotected soffit or facia is a danger in every sense. That is why, when installing facia and soffits you need to also make use of something called steel mesh. In this case, you will want a roll of it, some of them come pre-glued so they are easier to install but others require a hammer and nails or screws and a drill. 

The process involves covering the full area of the soffit and fascia with a strip of the steel mesh roll. Once you have done that you should not experience any issues with animals entering and if you choose a vinyl fascia with a vinyl soffit you will never have to worry about warping and ongoing maintenance, the vinyl fascia and soffit are the best choices by far. Wood soffit and fascia are the worst choices. They are easily damaged and destroyed by animals and pests and the wood will warp in a few years of being rained on. If the soffit or especially the facia warps it will creat opening into the inner roof that can lead to the attic, the inside of walls and every location you don’t want a wild animal to go. 

If this is the case and your either warped wood facia or your rusty metal soffit is no longer protecting your home and is now endangering it then you will either need to deal with the situation on your own or call in a professional at the exterminators inc. Our technicians can perform steel mesh exclusion on any aspect or part of your home. They can protect the facia, assuming it is not already warped and destroyed, and they can keep your soffits safe with steel mesh tape. So have no fear, the processional is here. 

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