Do rats and squirrels have anything in common since they are rodents?

Do rats and squirrels have anything in common since they are rodents?

Squirrels and rats are both rodents but that is where most of the differences end. Rats are considered pests and are legal to kill. Squirrels are protected wildlife and killing them is a serious crime. Why is this when both are rodents, and both are considered pests? Squirrels are a greater danger to your home than rats. So why the difference? The difference is that squirrels are wildlife and rats are pests. Squirrels are active in the daytime and are recognized by most people as natural wildlife that is both beneficial and cute.

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The rat however has been blamed for the black plague and many other horrible things throughout history, they are fundamentally ugly to our understanding of aesthetics and they act in a way that most people find frightening and creepy. They act mostly at night, they invade homes aggressively while squirrels stay away from the people in the house and prefer to live alone with her babies in the attic, in the hopes she will not bother anyone enough to get evicted. 

The squirrel must be removed humanely. They cannot be killed or there will be a large fine and the chance of prison time. Instead of using traps and bait most exterminators will use a device called a one-way door. This device allows the squirrel to leave the attic but prevents it from getting back in. The squirrel may struggle for a while but if the exclusion is done properly she will be locked out. Her babies will have already been removed and placed on the ground near the door in a box with a tea cloth to keep the babies warm and safe. The mother will collect them and move on from the property. 

Rats are not like this. While one-way doors can and are often used the real goal in dealing with rats is to kill them in a safe open area and prevent them from dying in the walls. When they die in the walls they can cause severe toxic effects like dangerous illness and large blood spots on the walls. 

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