Do squirrels create latrines?

Do squirrels create latrines?

There are many types of squirrels and just as many species, over 200 globally so far with new species being discovered all the time. While many squirrels will defecate anywhere, even in their own nest certain squirrels, like the grey squirrel do as raccoons do and make themselves a special spot where they can urinate and defecate far from their nest. This is usually still in the attic as squirrels will never be as careful as raccoons in their formation of latrines, often going all the way to the nested property over just to poop and pee. 

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The grey squirrel-like many squirrels in the city have very few predators. The main predator for squirrels in the city is cars and dogs, both of which they can avoid easily enough. If you have ever seen a dog chase a squirrel you will know right away who is faster, and it is always the squirrel. The reason they are in the city in the first place is that they lived here before us. This was their natural habitat at one point and then we built it up and they have lost access to the natural way they live. Now they have to make do with attic invasions and living on human properties which humans are rarely interested in.

The grey squirrel is a large squirrel at about 18 inches long. They are generally very friendly with each other but not with other squirrel species. They are omnivores so they live off a diet of bird eggs, baby birds and insects as well as nuts seed and vegetable roots which are one of their favorites. They also like eating flowers off of plants, leaving only green stems. They also like berries and anything else they can get their hands on. 

They usually enter heat in mid-winter and then again in the late spring, with a gestation period of 44 days and four weeks for the babies to become not only mobile but capable of moving quickly it will take a long time for them to vacate your attic if that is where the female chose to make her birthing nest. She will leave on her own when her babies are nearly mature adults but this will be months and by the end of it you will have to replace your attic insulation and clean out a lot of feces. So call Squirrel Control for all your squirrel needs.

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