How Can Squirrels Damage My Roof?

Squirrels’ teeth rank with the toughest of any in the animal realm. These squirrels can eat through lead sheathing and also through polyethylene. They can be such a menace to society as a whole when they maul public property like electricity or telephone cables. What about to you personally? How can squirrels damage my roof? You may ask. Squirrels are responsible for a lot of damage to Toronto homes every year.

These squirrels can damage the roof very badly. Their urine is as strong too and will leave urine stains on your ceiling. This will weaken your ceiling and lead it to leaking. Replacing that part of the ceiling or the whole of it will surely cost lots of money. Since they need a way to enter your house, they will make holes to enter. They may eat away the shingles on your roof. This damage will leave you susceptible to moisture that can cause lots of damage to your house too. The roofing tiles are can be severed leaving holes that will allow water in your house to do much damage to it.

The vent pipes can be chewed through by these rodents. These vents are very important for indoor plumbing. Why would a squirrel damage these vents? Most are made of lead material or other common metallic material like aluminum. Most animals love to chew these material and squirrels are no exception. Since these vent pipes are important they have to be protected from the rodents.

In most houses, electric cables and water pipes pass through the roof. As we have seen, squirrels teeth are powerful to chew through the cables and pipes. Chewed electric cables may cause sparks that may cause fire that will surely damage the roof and eventually the house. Chewed water pipes will definitely cause water leakage that will damage the roof by causing rot in the wood.

The damages these rodents cause are very bad and may depreciate the property’s value or lead to injuries or even death! Better to take preventive measures against these pesky rodents than suffer the consequences of
their damage.


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