case study squirrel removal from attic in Mississauga

Case Study: Squirrel Removal From Attic in Mississauga

Near the historic village of Streetsville in Mississauga, Vista Heights is a well-established neighbourhood comprised primarily of residential homes. Located in the western edge of Mississauga, this little nook is abundant in recreational parks and is bordered by a creek to the east and a forest to the west.

Needless to say, wildlife is prominent in the area and it is not unusual to see groups of squirrels roaming from yard to yard in search of acorns or berries.

Vista Heights in the city of Mississauga
Vista Heights in the city of Mississauga.

In this case we will look at the removal of a squirrel from an attic in Mississauga.


We dispatched our fully licensed wildlife removers after the owner informed us of strange noises coming from the attic. They indicated that the noises came primarily from one side of the attic.

Strange sounds from an attic, behind a wall, or even from under the floor are initial indicators that an animal is roaming freely inside the house. It is imperative that first steps are taken immediately to remedy the situation, or the infestation will get much worse.

Squirrels in an attic, if not removed promptly, will eventually chew through electrical wiring, destroy insulation, and leave urine and feces throughout.

Our technician was quick to identify multiple points of entry on the roof, primarily a large gap at a soffit intersection. The opening was large enough that the wood in the attic could be seen from the outside.

squirrel entry point soffit intersection
A large gap was observed at a soffit intersection.

Other potential points of entry on the roof included plumbing vents and roof vents. These are often made of plastic and are easily chewed up by wildlife looking for a warmer spot, especially in the winter months when the vents emit hot air.


Our team got to work quickly and started the process of exclusion by installing a one-way-door at the primary point of entry- one of the soffit gap. This door allows any animals still inside the attic to exit in a safe manner and not be able to re-enter. A technician will return after a few weeks, depending on the weather, to remove and seal this door. The surrounding gap was covered with a stretch of galvanized steel mesh as well.

one way door installed under soffit squirrel proofing
A one-way-door was installed under the soffit to allow the squirrels to exit the attic safely.

We then continued to cover three plumbing vents and eight roof vents using a special galvanized steel mesh enclosure.

roof vents and plumbing vent protected with mesh
All roof vents and plumbing vents were covered with mesh.

To finish the exclusion we sealed a second soffit intersection to further protect the attic from being breached. This was done using galvanized steel mesh.

squirrel proofing sealed one way door
Our technician returned to remove and seal the one-way-door


Squirrels infiltrating an attic is never a welcomed situation. This particular homeowner was quick to identify the noises and made the right decision by calling us immediately. A thorough investigation revealed the multitude of possible entry points and action was taken to prevent any wild animals from entering the home again. All our exclusion comes with a 2 year warranty so the home will be protected for a long time to come.

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