Case Study Squirrels Chew Through Drip Edge in Mississauga

Case Study: Squirrels Chew Through Drip Edge in Mississauga

The following case details a squirrel removal and wildlife-proofing service in Mississauga, Ontario. Squirrels had chewed their way through the drip edge and into the attic. A humane removal involving the use of a one-way door and a pest-proofing of the roof has since evicted these squirrels and kept the attic pest-free.


As part of the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga has grown exponentially over the past decades. An even mix of residential, commercial, and industrial, Mississauga has become one of the more prominent urban areas of the country.

It is not only the home to Toronto Pearson International Airport, but also to many of the largest corporations in the world.

Credit River Mississauga.
Credit Valley in the City of Mississauga.

There are two river valleys that run through Mississauga, the Credit River, and Etobicoke Creek. These intensely forested waterways attract various kinds of wildlife, as well as hikers and cyclists.

We will detail a wildlife removal in which squirrels breached into a home’s attic and made themselves at home.


This particular home in Mississauga had been previously secured by one of our technicians after the homeowner informed us of persistent raccoon activity around her home. At the time, we did not find any evidence that the animals had made their way into the attic. Sometimes when animals walk on the roof, the noise may be perceived to be coming from the attic. We covered all wall weep vents (gaps in the bricks that allow for ventilation in the walls) with stainless steel covers, and we also covered all roof vents and plumbing vents with PVC coated galvanized steel covers.

Roof squirrel proofing Mississauga
Initial exclusion work preformed to proof the house against wildlife. Weep vents covers (right), roof vent covers (centre), and plumbing vent seal (right).

We were called back after a few years to inspect for noises coming from the attic. Because the customer was still within our 2-year warranty that we provide for all our exclusion work, we first looked for any damage to our previous installations. In this case, none of our installations had been compromised. While our certified wildlife technician performed a detailed inspection of the roof structure, he found that a section of the drip edge along the front roof line had indeed been breached. Also found in the whole was a wasp nest which our technician destroyed immediately.

Damaged Roof Edge
A section of the drip edge of the roof is seen compromised.

It was suggested that we cover the entry point with a one-way-door to allow any animals to exit the attic as well as cover a section of the front drip edge of the roof.


Two of our professional technicians returned to perform the exclusion work at this home. Because the work was to be done at the very edge of a sloped roof, a second person is needed to ensure the work is done in a safe manner.

A squirrel one-way-door was installed where the attic had been breached. This tubular structure is designed to allow small animals such as squirrels and chipmunks to exit the property in a safe and humane way. It also prevents them from re-entering.

Squirrel One-Way Door Drip Edge
We installed a one-way-door to allow any animals in the attic to vacate.

A galvanized steel mesh was also placed along five feet of the drip edge to minimize the risk of another animal gain access through the roof.

While on the property, our technician also identified a side wall vent cover that could pose as a potential entry point into the home. The homeowner agreed to have it covered by a black-coated galvanized steel mesh cover.

Wall Vent Cover
A black-coated galvanized steel mesh cover was installed to protect a wall vent.


Proofing a house against wildlife is never a bad idea, especially if the animal activity is constantly taking place around the yards and on the roof. In doing so you minimize the risk of wildlife entering your home. But animals are very clever and quite capable of breaching vulnerable areas such as soffits and drip edges on the roof.

In this case, a small animal, likely a squirrel, was able to penetrate the roof structure and create an entry point into the attic. Luckily, this homeowner acted quickly and called us to investigate and resolve the issue. By sealing off the breached area, the squirrel will move on to find another warm and cozy spot in the neighbourhood.

Our work is also covered by a 2-year warranty and damage to any of our installations will be fixed within that period.

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