What Time of Day are Squirrels Most Active

What Time of Day are Squirrels most Active?

Squirrels are busy animals that can be seen running around in cities and forests alike. Like humans, they are active during the light of day, but they are most active when the sun first rises and again when it sets. This means that if there are squirrels on your property, you are most likely to hear them in the early morning and evening. At night, squirrels rest quietly in their nests. Call Squirrel Removal Toronto today if you think there are squirrels in your home and you want them removed.

Squirrels are diurnal, so they are up during the day and asleep at night. Throughout the day, you can see them looking for food, building nests, and chasing after each other. In the fall, you might see them burying nuts. Squirrels are especially active in the early hours of the morning and again in the evening when the sun is setting. If there are squirrels on your property, you may be able to hear them scamper around in the walls or attic of the home during the day. This is a strong indicator of a squirrel invasion because other pests are likely to make noise at night.

Squirrels commonly break into people’s homes when in search of a place to raise their young or live out the winter. Attics, like trees, present squirrels with an opportunity to nest above ground. They are also much warmer than your average tree. To get inside, squirrels often chew through roof vents and other openings, like damaged shingles and soffits. Once indoors, they nest in the insulation of the home. Signs of an infestation include scampering sounds as well as an increased amount of activity on the roof. If you can find the nest, it will probably be surrounded with feces and debris. It may also be accompanied with a hoard of nuts.

Squirrel invasions are best avoided because they can do some serious damage. Examine your roof closely and do whatever you can to keep it in good shape. Check that there are no holes, gaps, or cracks that animals could use to break in. You can seal small cracks with caulking and strengthen gaps with a galvanized steel mesh. Cover your chimneys and vents with the same mesh and screw it right into the roof to prevent animal entry. Then, make a habit of checking your roof every few years. Empty your gutters, rake the leaves, and pick up any fallen fruit. Switch to squirrel-proof bird feeders.

There is nothing wrong with admiring the squirrels in your neighbourhood, but it is important that you know the risks of an infestation. Call Squirrel Control today if there are squirrels in your home and we will remove them safely. Our squirrel removal come with a thorough inspection that identifies weaknesses and potential entry points that animals could use to get into the home in the future. We also offer guaranteed pest-proofing services to ensure that no more animals break in. Call Squirrel Control for safe and affordable pest control: 647-496-0815.

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