How to Find out Where Squirrels are Getting In

How to Find out Where Squirrels are Getting in

Are you hearing things coming from the attic? Are there scratching sounds coming from the walls? You may be dealing with squirrels. Luckily, squirrels only use one entrance to their nests. You may be able to find it with a little bit of searching on the exterior of your property. The real challenge, however, is removing the squirrels inside. Squirrels can be aggressive, and their nests often have babies inside. Call Squirrel Control Toronto now if you suspect a squirrel nest on the interior of your home or business.

Squirrels are diurnal, arboreal rodents that can be found everywhere but New Zealand. As omnivores, they feed on all kinds of things, but mostly rely on the products of trees. Nuts, buds, fruits, fungi, and insects make up the majority of a squirrel’s diet. Contrary to popular belief, squirrels do not hibernate, but they do build nests for shelter and warmth. Nests are made of carefully woven twigs, leaves, and branches. Female squirrels will build multiple nests per year in anticipation of mating season. Squirrels mate twice a year, in late winter and midsummer, producing litters of 2 to 5 babies at a time.

Attics, like trees, provide squirrels with a place to nest above ground. To get inside, squirrels will chew and scratch their way through any vulnerabilities they find on the outer structure of the home. Examine your roof closely for holes and signs of damage. Check along the edges of the roof for any gaps and see if the vents have been chewed through. Wood, plastic, rubber, and aluminum are no match for a squirrel’s teeth. Indoors, listen carefully for squealing, scratching, and scampering sounds during the day and try to locate where the sound is coming from. If you can reach the attic, enter it carefully and look for a nest.

If you suspect an infestation within your home, call a local pest removal company for help. They can locate the nest and safely evict the animals from your home. Removing squirrels is a tricky business because nests often have babies in them. Accidentally separating a mother from her babies is not only cruel but could result in more damage to your home as she tries to get back inside. Getting too close to a nest could also result in injury as the animals may attack when they feel threatened. Squirrels are carriers of disease, and their claws are dirty enough to cause sepsis in a single scratch.

The professionals at Squirrel Control are highly experienced in squirrel removal and proofing. We carry out detailed inspections to find exactly where the animals are getting in and where they could be in the future. In addition to squirrel removal, we offer guaranteed exclusion services that will prevent any more infestations from happening. We also provide cleaning and disinfection services to remove all odours and pathogens the pests have left behind. Call Squirrel Control for safe, reliable, and efficient pest control: 647-496-0815.

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