Do Squirrels go out at Night?

Do Squirrels go out at Night?

Most squirrels go out during the day. Like us, they would rather go about their business in the light, then retreat into their homes when it is dark. The only nocturnal species in Canada are flying squirrels, which are rarely seen in cities. If there are squirrels on your property, they are likely eastern grey or red squirrels, which may nest in human homes when given the opportunity. If you suspect that some squirrels have made it inside, you may be able to hear them squeal and scamper around during the day. Call Squirrel Removal Toronto for guaranteed squirrel removal and proofing services.

Squirrels are diurnal, omnivorous rodents that can be found in cities and forests alike. These little critters are excellent climbers that measure somewhere between 20 and 30cm long, with bushy tails nearly just as long. Contrary to popular belief, squirrels do not hibernate, but they do build nests to raise their young and shelter themselves from the cold. Unfortunately, squirrels in suburban areas and old city neighbourhoods frequently break into attics to nest. Like trees, attics are high above the ground. Squirrels can sense that the inside of the house is warm and break in by chewing and clawing their way through any vulnerabilities they find.

If there are squirrels in your home, you may have noticed an increased amount of squirrel activity on the roof. Squirrels go in and out of their nests throughout the day. Listen for scratching, squealing, and scampering sounds in the early hours of the morning and in the evening when the sun sets. This is indicative of a squirrel invasion because other attic invaders, like raccoons, are up at night. If you are still unsure, look for holes on the roof. Check the shingles, edges, and soffits for damage. Then, look at your roof vents and see if there are chew marks. If you can find a nest in the attic, it will probably be surrounded with feces and debris.

It is best to remove squirrels from the home because they are destructive. As rodents, squirrels are constantly chewing. They will chew on wooden structures, insulation, and even electrical wires and plumbing. Squirrels are also carriers of disease and harmful parasites, which they spread in their feces, urine, and saliva. Call a local pest removal company to remove any squirrels living inside your home. Professionals can safely locate the nest and remove the animals without doing them any harm. Once removed, they can also protect any potential openings from a future invasion. What you can do to help involves the removal of food sources, such as bird feeders.

The technicians at Squirrel Control can handle any squirrel problem. We have the tools, training, and experience to safely remove the animals from your home. No animals will be harmed in the process. In addition to removal, we offer disinfection and deodorization services. Our exclusion work also comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can trust that the squirrels will stay out. Call Squirrel Control today for all your pest control needs: 647-496-0815.

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