Does Where you live Increase the Chances of Getting Squirrels

Does Where You Live Increase the Chances of Getting Squirrels?

Squirrels are incredibly common rodents. Their adaptive nature and incredible agility allow them to live everywhere in the world with the notable exception of Oceania. Practically anywhere you find trees and food, you will find squirrels. The neighbourhood you live in may have more squirrels than the next because it has more of these to offer. With that in mind, it’s important to reduce the likelihood of a squirrel invasion by pest-proofing your home. If you are worried about the squirrels in your neighbourhood, give Squirrel Removal Toronto a call.

Squirrels are attracted to forested areas and suburban neighbourhoods with proximity to food. Any yard with a sturdy tree and a bird feeder or vegetable garden will attract squirrels. As omnivores, squirrels will feed on whatever is available in the neighbourhood such as fruits, nuts, insects, mushrooms, and human food waste. The more food, the more squirrels. Squirrels nest in tree hollows and canopies, usually 30 feet above ground, which unfortunately makes attics attractive as well. Attics provide squirrels with warm, safe places to nest above ground, right in the middle of the neighbourhood. The availability of trees, food, and accessible human homes increases the likelihood of there being squirrels.

If your neighbourhood is particularly attractive to squirrels, there is always the danger of a squirrel invasion into your home. As rodents, squirrels have no trouble gnawing their way through plastic roof vents and any weak spots they find along the edges of the roof. Chimneys are also commonly infested with squirrels. Once inside the home, squirrels like to nest in the insulation of the attic, causing odour problems and driving energy costs up. Housing squirrels also risks fire and power outages as the animals like to chew on electrical wiring. Squirrels are constantly chewing, damaging attics more and more the longer they stay.

To prevent this from happening, examine your roof closely for any potential entry-points and block them off. Check for gaps and cracks within the soffits or edges of the roof and make all necessary repairs. You can also strengthen weak spots with a tough steel mesh. Cap your roof vents and chimneys with mesh as well. Once you’ve physically blocked off the home, you can do some yard work to keep the squirrels away. Cut tree branches away from the roof, clean the gutters, and switch to squirrel-proof bird feeders. Pick up any fallen fruit you have on the ground and consider shielding your vegetable garden with chicken wire.

Some neighbourhoods have more squirrels than others because they have lots of mature trees and more food to go around. Making your home less attractive to squirrels, however, will reduce the likelihood that they give you any trouble. If you’re interested in pest-proofing or removing some unwanted squirrels from your home, give Squirrel Control a call. We guarantee safe and effective squirrel removal. Reach out to Squirrel Control now: 647-496-0815.

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