Which animal is more likely to break in, squirrels or raccoons

Which animal is more likely to break in, squirrels or raccoons?

Raccoons are a year-round pest in your attic. They are larger, they defecate more often and in huge quantities. They can have babies any time of year including in the winter and they are furry enough to be able to go out and hunt for food even in sub-zero temperatures. They are made for the Canadian wilderness and now they are in our cities. They are essentially unstoppable without the help of a trained and experienced wildlife control expert.

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Most raccoons that enter the attic, like the squirrels, are females. Raccoon females will mate with a male outside of the nest, normally, and then leave him immediately. The male has no interest in raising children and will leave to hunt down the children of other male raccoons. This is how male raccoons propagate their own genes. For this reason, female raccoons desperately need to find somewhere safe to hide while they have their children and until their children are old enough to defend themselves. While in there she will wreak havoc and destroy and poop on everything. The urine and feces may get so bad that are collects and begin leaking through the ceiling. Unlike squirrels, raccoons are the vector species for rabies and most raccoons are either carriers or have the disease in full force. If they bite or scratch you, it will be straight to the emergency room in an ambulance and you will not be going home for several days. Rabies is only curable in its earliest stages, once it has set in after 24 hours it becomes permanent and uncurable, even in humans. This is why raccoons are so much more dangerous than squirrels as squirrels rarely if ever have rabies. 

Squirrels are very similar in almost every way to raccoons but are much smaller and cause not less but different damage. They will often chew on wires that can cause a house fire and they also will fill your attic with feces and urine but not as dangerous and not nearly as much. A squirrel infestation does not last long, where raccoons will stay forever, squirrels have other plans and will leave when her children are grown. Squirrels are very aggressive and dangerous and their scratch and bite can cause many diseases so stay away from them. 

The best way to prevent all animals from coming to your property is to not eat or feed your pets or let your children eat outside. Eating outside, having bird feeders, any food on the lawn will attract all types of wildlife and many will look on your attic as the perfect loft space to raise their young. To have squirrels removed the best way is to do it through a professional wildlife control technician by hiring Squirrel Control to do the job for you!

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