What to do when you Find a Dead Squirrel in your Attic

What to do When you Find a Dead Squirrel in your Attic?

Dead squirrels cause an awful lot of stench and stress. If you’ve found a dead squirrel in your attic, you should get rid of it immediately along with any other squirrels that are living in your home. Squirrels are terribly destructive pests that risk setting your house on fire or making you sick. For quick and safe squirrel removal, call Squirrel Control Toronto.

Squirrels commonly invade people’s attics in search of a warm place to nest. Attics are especially attractive to squirrels because they are high up off the ground and rarely disturbed by their human owners. Late winter and early fall are peak squirrel invasion season as females look for a place to raise their young. To get inside, squirrels will usually climb down the chimney, chew through the ventilation, or chew through a gap somewhere along the edge of the roof. The squirrel you found in your attic may have been a resident of your attic that got sick or that died of old age.

In Ontario, you are responsible for the cleanup of dead wildlife on your property. To remove a dead squirrel, put on some disposable gloves, then place the animal in a sealable plastic bag. Seal the bag shut, then throw it out in the garbage. Never handle a dead animal with your bare hands. Next, disinfect the area in which you found the squirrel. Spray all nearby surfaces with a household disinfectant or bleach solution, then wipe them down with a disposable rag or paper towel. If the animal was found in something difficult to clean, like insulation, simply throw the contaminated insulation out along with your gloves and everything else. Take the garbage out immediately.

Once you have cleaned up the carcass, you should find out where it came from. Search the attic for any signs of a squirrel infestation. Nesting materials (branches, leaves, paper), damaged insulation, chewed wood, hoards of nuts, feces, and holes in the attic wall each indicate a squirrel invasion. If you come across a nest in your search, call a pest removal company immediately. A professional will come and install a one-way door to the entrance the animals are using, which will allow them to leave but prevent them from coming back. As soon as your attic is free of squirrels, block any potential entry-points to the attic with strong, steel mesh.

Hiring a professional pest remover for help is the best way to get rid of squirrels. Professionals are trained for the job and they have the tools necessary to get rid of any squirrel problem in the safest and most humane way possible. The experts at Squirrel Control would be happy to remove any squirrels for you and pest-proof your home to keep you and your family safe. We also offer cleaning and disinfection services as well as insulation repair. Call Squirrel Control now to see how we can help: 647-496-0815.

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