Where do squirrels live in nature

Where do squirrels live in nature? 

Squirrels live in three distinct worlds. The city possesses a huge population of squirrels who live and act so differently from their rural counterparts that they may as well be a different species if not for the fact that they can breed together. In the city, you will find a lot of greys, black and brown squirrels. These are the most common in the province of Ontario and while there are many others they tend to be harder to spot if you live in the city.

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The grey, black and brown squirrels are much more aggressive than most other squirrels which are why they do so well in the city. In rural areas, there are all sorts of squirrels. The flying squirrel, the red squirrel, it’s a colourful world in rural Ontario, but also one filled with dangers. The squirrels in rural areas are just as tenacious as the ones in the city, and they have a much better location to find human home nests as most people in rural Ontario pay far less attention to infestations than in the city. 

Squirrels all over Ontario are bound by that one primary drive. The female squirrels desire to find a safe place to raise her young. For the first three weeks of a baby squirrels life, they are blind, deaf and immobile. A perfect snack for absolutely any omnivorous or carnivorous animal who may come along. Now, this was the norm before humans showed up with big strong brick houses from Europe. Our houses were very different from the ones built by the original people of Canada, they had this special place at the very top of the house, a place filled with fluffy insulation and warmth like nothing they ever imagined. When they began invading these attics they discovered that it could a private place for them to be pregnant give birth and raise their children. Nothing else would enter, normally, though there may be the random raccoon who would most certainly eat the squirrel babies otherwise the attic was all theirs. 

People, of course, quickly realized what was going on and started taking precautions, sealing up parts of their house that can be acc3essed by animals, this is the invention of Exclusion, the process of using non-building materials to seal up entryways into a house caused by the structure of the house itself. Every European house is covered in vents and soffits and fascia vents that animals can easily penetrate and nothing has changed since. Every house built in Ontario is still completely open to all types of infestations, so call Squirrel Control to seal your home and protect it from squirrel infestation. 

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