What to do when squirrels are found in a shed

What to do when squirrels are found in a shed?

Squirrels are very intelligent and willy. They are very capable of penetrating almost any structure on your property. They are highly aggressive, territorial and destructive. Females tend to be the ones who infest the interior of houses but males can do that for other reasons and may want to stay on a more long term basis than the female squirrel. The female squirrel enters into sheds because they need a safe place to live while they raise their new babies.

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Because of this, the chance of squirrel babies being in a place with a squirrel is very low and only takes place twice a year. Once at the end of the winter and once at the beginning of the summer. The squirrel will desperately search for a safe nest in a secluded place and then will bring a male in to mate with, when she is done she chases him out aggressively, biting and scratching him in the hopes of ensuring that he will never come back. After this the female will hunt for food like mad, stocking up a supply she hopes will last a month. Without this food she will have to continue to hunt, leaving her babies in the attic alone where a male could find them. 

Squirrels get into sheds through so many different ways it’s shocking. Most old sheds have open holes that are a blatant invitation to a squirrel in heat, but that is not the only way they can get in. Leaving the door open is the most common way they enter, you can look away for a second and they will be in, and hidden amongst the tools and storage. This is a good reason to keep your shed very well organized with most objects stored on racks or hanging on the walls. Filling it with boxes and storage is the quickest way to get a squirrel infestation. If you have a squirrel infestation in your shed then there are not many things you can do if its a squirrel in heat. Trying to chase her out or annoy her with loud music and blinking lights will not affect, her babies are blind and deaf for the first three weeks and she does not care at all about your music and lights. To her, it’s just another day in a human structure. 

The best way to get them out is to put a heater in the shed on high. The heat will get so intense she will have to remove herself and her babies before that die. That being said, if you kill them this way you will get a serious fine as squirrels are protected wildlife. The best thing you can do is call a professional at Squirrel Control. Our technicians are highly trained and can get that squirrel out within a week, humanely and with her babies, unharmed. 

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