Which predators eat squirrels

Which predators eat squirrels?

There are thousands of animals that would be a perfect predator to the squirrel but with their introduction to the urban and suburban life, almost all of those predators have been diverted. Yes, there are owls and other birds of prey that will eat a squirrel but there are just not that many in the cities to handle the sheer number of squirrels that appear every spring. The numbers are growing and even with the few predators in the city, they can easily avoid them using the city itself. The squirrel has been in the city for longer than any other animal.

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They did not enter on their own like other animals. They were introduced in the early 1800s as a means of forcing small boys to stop torturing animals. The squirrel, so cute and defenceless was introduced to make them stop and take a moment to be kind to something. This of course may be a fable but its quite accurate in those children who are around wildlife tend to be kinder to other people. But don’t rely on squirrels, get your child a dog or a hamster instead. 

Squirrels are hunted in the wild by everything with four legs and anything carnivorous with wings. Hawks, ravens, owls, and any other bird that eats meat find the squirrel the perfect meal size. Wolves, raccoons, foxes, and felines also eat squirrels and so do dogs. Anything that eats meet and is bigger than the squirrel, which is almost anything, will eat it. A little known truth, humans can and do eat squirrel in many places, often in the backwoods countryside where food can be scarce. However, do not count on these predators in the city. You can try spraying wolf urine to keep them away but they have never seen a wolf. The squirrels that live in the city maintain an area of about one small residential block. They never venture further than a few hundred meters from their nest. So they have never seen any of these animals and will not be able to identify them by scent. 

If you have squirrels on your property and you even bought a dog to eat them, but the dog refuses because it now only eats prepackaged dog food then you will have to call the professionals. At Squirrel Control, we can trap squirrels in a humane trap that allows us to relocate them far enough away that they won’t find their way back but close enough that they will understand the territory. 

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