Which smells repel squirrels

Which smells repel squirrels?

Squirrels like all wild animals are not repelled by smells. They function through smells. If they smell a predator’s urine they will not respond like a predator is present, they will simply avoid that area and continue using the rest of the yard. This is only if the squirrel has ever encountered a predator of the kind whos urine has been sprayed. The squirrel who lives in the cities is prayed on by owls and raccoons and other large wildlife, they are not, however, chased by wolves, bears or other animals of the forest. So while urine and other repellents simply don’t work, the very idea that they would work is fundamentally flawed. If you have squirrels on your property and they are causing trouble, the reason they are there is most likely you.

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Do you eat outside, have your coffee and muffin on the porch and maybe spill some sugary coffee and some crumbs of muffin? Do your children eat outside, dropping whole food items on the ground without any regard? Do you feed your pets outside? Do you have a bird feeder? Do you lock up your garbage or leave it open overnight? How much food are you providing to these wild animals and pests? If you have or do more than two things on this list then you are actively welcoming these creatures onto your property. You may as well put out a welcome matt. 

The squirrel is not here to live in your home. They far prefer living outdoors. However, twice a year, the female squirrels enter heat. Due to the total immobility and innocence of their babies for the first three weeks of their lives, the female squirrel is desperate to keep them away from other animals and, especially, squirrel males who may decide to kill the young in the hopes of helping they’re young propagate over them. The female squirrel in heat lives in a war zone and often your attic is the only safe place for them to go to have their young. They first enter, often through soffits or facia vents and enter the attic directly through the roof. They are rodents so their teeth keep growing all their lives so they must constantly chew which can result in enormous amounts of damage to your attic. They are also diseased and their feces and urine can gather in the attic and leak through the ceiling. 

If you need them removed you must call a professional technician who can remove the babies and humanely remove the squirrel via exclusion and a one-way door. Contact Squirrel Control now to make an appointment. 

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