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Case Study: Squirrel Removal with Mouse Twist in Scarborough

This case will detail a squirrel removal from an attic in Scarborough, as well as a mouse extermination. The homeowner suspected that mice were present in the attic and when we investigated, we found that squirrels were also present.

Scarborough was incorporated as a township in 1850 with its council meetings taking place in what is today known as Woburn.

With the fast housing development that took place in the 19th century along Danforth Road and Kingston Road, the need to build a transit line was accomplished with the creation of the Toronto and Scarboro Electric Railway.

Scarborough Bluffs
Scarborough Bluffs

In 1953, Scarborough became part of the Metro Toronto and in 1998 it was amalgamated with North York, Etobicoke, York, East York, and Old Toronto to form the new City of Toronto.

Scarborough is bordered to the west by Victoria Park Ave., to the north by Steeles Avenue, south by Lake Ontario, and east by the Rouge Valley.

Inspection for squirrels and mice

The homeowner contacted us after being dissatisfied with a previous company that had attempted to deal with a mouse issue in the attic by simply placing rodenticide. After some time, not only were the mice still present but there was a strange and strong odour coming from the attic.

We dispatched one of our wildlife removal technicians who is also a licensed exterminator to inspect the issue and provide the customer with a solution.

It was evident that there was mouse activity taking place in the attic, but our technician also found evidence of squirrel activity. A large gap was found at a soffit intersection through which the squirrels were getting in. The strong odour the customer was referring to was from a squirrel that had ingested the mouse poison left by the previous company.

Having assessed the situation, our technician determined that the two pests would need to be dealt with in order to reclaim the attic.

Squirrel exclusion

We began by installing a squirrel one-way door where the soffit intersection had been broken through. These roof features are exceptionally vulnerable to wildlife intrusions due to their tight angles. The animals will wedge themselves as close to the corner as they can and then use their weight as leverage to push up against the soffit until it gives way. Once a small gap is created, the animals will use their hands to rip through it and make their way inside the attic.

squirrel one way door scarborough
A squirrel one-way door was installed to allow the squirrels to exit the attic and not get back in.

The squirrel one-way door will ensure that any squirrels inside the space can move out in a safe and humane way and not be able to return. This door is made of strong galvanized steel mesh that is resistant to gnawing. It will stay in place for a few days to ensure the animals have vacated the attic. We will then return to remove it and patch the hole with galvanized steel mesh.

squirrel one way door sealed
Once the one-way door is removed, we seal it with galvanized steel mesh.

As an added protection, we also installed PVC-coated steel mesh covers over the roof vents. These vents are often broken by squirrels and raccoons. The heat they emit over the winter months attracts the animals and, with some determination, they can easily chew through them and make their way inside the cozy and warm attic.

All roof vents were covered with PVC-coated steel mesh to prevent squirrels from breaking into the attic.

All the exclusion work performed by us is backed by a 2-year warranty. Should the animals enter through one of our installations, we will return and repair or replace them as necessary.

Mouse extermination

Our technician then focused on the extermination of the roaming rodents. Mice bait stations were placed throughout the home and inside the attic. These bait stations are tamper-proof boxes that are filled with rodenticide. They are designed to allow mice in to take the bait, but not other larger animals.

mouse bait stations in attic
Mouse traps were placed in the attic to deal with the mouse infestation.

The rodenticide is highly attractive and will kill the mice within a few days. The customer can expect to see results within 2-3 weeks.


It is particularly important to identify the source of activity taking place in an attic as misidentifying it could lead to other unwanted issues. Throwing mice poison into an attic without knowing what exactly is living in that space could lead to killing other animals such as rats, squirrels, and even raccoons. Not only is it illegal to poison squirrels and raccoons, but it can leave an odour behind that is unbearable. A decomposing animal will also leave behind pathogens and bacteria that could be dangerous leading to a more expensive cleanup.

Understanding the underlying source of the problem by performing a proper inspection is something that we take pride in. Contact us today to remove squirrels from attics, sheds, decks, porches, and more.

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