Case Study: Squirrels Damage Roof and Soffits in Vaughan

Case Study: Squirrels Damage Roof and Soffits in Vaughan

The following article outlines a squirrel removal and proofing job in the city of Vaughan. Squirrels had taken advantage of a hole in the roof to get into the attic where they caused more damage to the home. Quick removal and exclusion of the premises have since kept this home squirrel-free.


Located just north of Toronto, the City of Vaughan was at one point the fastest growing municipality in all of Canada. It has doubled in population since 1991 and is now the 17th largest city in the country.

Vaughan is home to the most visited amusement park in all of North America, Canada’s Wonderland. In 2018 it was visited by 3.79 million people.

Canada Wonderland Vaughan
Canada’s Wonderland in the City of Vaughan.

Surrounded by many parks and natural ravines and creeks, Vaughan provides many green spaces for the occasional nature walker or the seasoned trekker. Wildlife is also quite abundant in the area with many squirrels, raccoons, red foxes, and birds observed on a regular basis.

This case will look at a house in Vaughan that was breached by squirrels who then made themselves at home in the attic.


We dispatched our team after the homeowner contacted us with concerns regarding a noise in the attic. It was also noted that squirrels had been seen entering the home through a hole in the roof.

Squirrel Entry Point in Roof
A large hole at the corner of the roof was determined to be the main entry point for the squirrels.

Our certified wildlife technicians performed a thorough inspection of the roof and found five holes that gave access to the attic. Four of these holes were all located at various soffit intersections. These areas of the roof are especially susceptible to break-ins because of their small gaps. Animals can easily gnaw at the edges or use their claws to widen the gap and gain access to the wooden structure of the roof, which they can easily dig through.

Damaged Roof Soffit Intersection
A damaged area of the roof’s soffit was used by the squirrels to gain access into the attic.

Because of the height of the home and the narrow passageway between the houses, it was determined that a second technician was required on site as a safety precaution. Our team will always prioritize safety and are trained to work on high structures.


We began by securing all four soffit intersections. To do this, our qualified technicians used a special galvanized steel mesh that is strong and durable. This mesh will keep animals from getting close to the vulnerable areas of the soffit intersections.

Exclusion of the Roof Soffit Intersections
Galvanized steel mesh was used to secure all the holes at the soffit intersections.

On the fifth hole, we installed a one-way-door also made of the same galvanized steel mesh. This special door will allow for any animals remaining inside the attic to exit in a safe and humane way. It is usually installed at the suspected primary entry point. A technician will return after a few weeks to remove it and patch it.

Squirrel One-Way Door and Exclusion of Roof Edge
A one-way-door was installed (left) to allow any animals inside to exit. It was then removed and patched (right).


It was evident that this home in Vaughan had been breached by squirrels for quite some time due to the number of holes present on the roof. Wild animals, especially squirrels and raccoons, are notorious for gaining access to attics through the roof structure. Attics provide these creatures with a warm and cozy place to stay in, especially in the colder months. They also use these enclosed spaces to keep away from predators such as hawks and foxes.

It is therefore important to keep an eye on your roof structure for any evidence of attempted entry. If there are any compromised areas, contact a certified wildlife removal company as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property.

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