Case Study Squirrels and Mice Create Havoc in Lawrence Park

Case Study: Squirrels and Mice Create Havoc in Lawrence Park

This case will illustrate a job that started off as a mouse problem but soon turned into a squirrel exclusion in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood of Toronto.

Lawrence Park is one of the city’s oldest neigbourhoods. It was one of the first Toronto’s planned garden suburbs, bordered by the Blythwood Ravine to the south, Lawrence Avenue to the north, Bayview to the east, and Yonge Street to the west.

Bayview Bridge in Lawrence Park
Bayview Bridge in Lawrence Park

The area is dotted by many parks, rolling hills, and a ravine.

Inspection for animal intrusion

The customer at this Lawrence Park home first contacted us with concerns that mice had entered the home. Mouse droppings were found under the kitchen sink and throughout other areas of the home.

We dispatched one of our licensed exterminators to assess the extent of the infestation and devise a plan to exterminate the animals from the home.

A mouse infestation assessment by us is like no other. We conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of the property in search of any entry point. This step is critical in achieving full success in eliminating the issue. These entry points, if found, will eventually need to be sealed to prevent further infestations.

Gaps and cracks foundation mice
During our squirrel and mice inspection, we identified multiple points of entry into the home.

At this location, our technician found several gaps in the foundation that was likely the source of the indoor problem. A few wall vents were also identified as potential entry points. These were noted and the customer was informed.

It was also obvious that larger animals may have been crawling and possibly living under the sunroom extension at the rear of the home. A large hole was seen, and there appeared to be a strong odour present in the area, possibly from a dead animal. Our technician suspected it to be squirrels and recommended that the space be excluded from wildlife after removing the animal and performing full disinfection and deodorization.

Gap under sunroom allows squirrels
Large gaps were identified through which squirrels and mice could easily access the inside of this home.

We then moved to the inside of the home and assessed the level of mouse activity throughout the various rooms, highlighting those with the highest levels. This particular infestation seemed to center around the kitchen, specifically under the kitchen sink.

Mouse infestation initial steps

Our technician installed bait stations in the primary areas of concern. These bait stations are filled with a highly effective and attractive poison that will kill the mice once ingested. It usually takes three to four weeks to eliminate the rodents.

Because mice are fairly small, allowing the mice to die inside the home is usually not a concern. Most will exit the property in search of water once they begin to dehydrate, while others may parish in plain sight, making it easier to dispose of. The few that may die out of sight will quickly decompose while giving off no odours. With larger rodents such as rats, allowing them to perish in a home can be much more disruptive as they normally emit a strong odour as they decay.

The customer was advised to seal off all the areas of concern around the property that could allow mice and other animals to make their way inside. We offer that service and provided the customer with a detailed quote for performing a mouse exclusion.

Mouse and squirrel exclusion and disinfection

The homeowner, understanding the urgency of the issue, requested we perform the exterior exclusion work as soon as possible. Our technicians returned a couple of days later and began to install all that was required to keep the rodents out.

We started by covering three wall vents with PVC-coated galvanized steel mesh covers. This measure will eliminate the possibility of rodents entering the home through these weak plastic structures, which can be easily chewed through to allow entry into the walls.

mesh wall vent cover pvc coated
Mice will sometimes enter a property through wall vents. It is critical to protect these vulnerable areas with PVC-coated steel mesh covers.

The next area of focus included the gaps on the foundation and other cracks around the house. These gaps are sealed with galvanized steel mesh that is strong and durable. It is virtually impossible for rodents and other wildlife to gnaw threw this mesh.

galvanized steel mesh sealing hole
Sealing off all outside gaps into the home is crucial to keep mice out.

We then turned our attention to the void under the sunroom. A decomposed squirrel was removed from the space and full disinfection and deodorization were performed. We use a botanical hospital-grade disinfectant that is highly effective in killing pathogens and eliminating odours.

Botanical disinfection and deodorization
Our team uses botanical hospital grade disinfectant to kill off pathogens left by squirrels under the sunroom of this Lawrence Park house.

Once the space was disinfected, we proceeded to install a squirrel one-way-door to allow any animals that may still be hiding under the sunroom to exit and not be able to get back in. These doors are secured to the sidewall with strong galvanized steel mesh to prevent the squirrels from chewing their way through the wood and back in, preventing further damage to the property.

Squirrel one way door installed
A squirrel one-way door was installed at the primary point of entry under the sunroom to allow any remaining squirrels to exit the space.


One of the advantages of hiring our company is that our certified technicians are trained to deal with a broad spectrum of pests and wildlife. They can quickly identify multiple problem areas as well as different infestations on the same property.

In this Lawrence Park residence, the initial was for a mouse infestation. But further investigation determined that the homeowner was also dealing with a squirrel intrusion under the sunroom. We were able to deal with both issues and this customer was highly satisfied with the outcome.

Our wildlife exclusions, including squirrels, are backed by a 2-year warranty while our rodent treatments and installations are guaranteed for six months. Should any of our work be compromised by the contractual animals, we will return to repair or replace the installations.

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