danger of squirrel infestation in attic

Danger of squirrel infestation in attic

Squirrel infestations are very serious, especially in your attic. Squirrels are attracted to your attic because it is warm and safe from predators. A female can use it to make a nest and start a family. Most homes also have a great deal of food outside in the form of improperly stored garbage and leftovers left outside. Pet food is also a major attractor. Water leaking from a hose or pipe in your house can feed their need for water and they may even try venturing further into your home in search of food. They will cause a great deal of damage to your home while they are inside and will tear up your attic and the insulation and wiring in it. If they get into your home while you are not there there is no telling the damage they could do.

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Squirrel urine and feces also carry many dangerous illnesses that can seriously endanger your family and pets. So don’t take any chances, get that animal out of your attic before it destroys your entire house. 

If you have this situation, a squirrel infestation in your attic then taking care of it on your own will be very difficult. For one you will have to get on your roof which, if you’re not a trained roof climber is very dangerous and a large cause of death in America. The best thing to do is to call the professionals at Squirrel Control. Our technicians can find the squirrel’s entry points and seal them and then place a one way door which is a safe and human way of getting the animal out of the house while preventing them from getting back in. Call us for a free inspection and a 2-year warranty on all our work.

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