Dangers of squirrel bite

Dangers of squirrel bite

Squirrels are wonderfully adorable to onlookers but it is very important that you, your pet and your children do not approach them as squirrels can be very aggressive and very dangerous. They carry many diseases in their saliva and if they harm you, you could be on your way to the doctor for an antibiotic shot. 

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Don’t feed squirrels or try to pet them either, that is very dangerous and likely will end in you getting bitten by an overly aggressive squirrel. 

If a squirrel has bitten you you will need to deal with the wound right away. It is understandable that many people would think the squirrel has rabies but that is actually incredibly uncommon, the greater likelihood if the skin is damaged and there is more than a small amount of blood that you have been infected by some bacteria the squirrel carries. If there is no puncture in the skin then it is likely you are fine and should just wash your hands. A very small wound is also likely fine and needs to be cleaned with water and soap and then covered with antibiotic cream and bandaged. If the wound gets worse or changes color to something unnatural like purple or green then it is best to seek out a doctor’s advice and likely get an antibiotic treatment, orally or intravenously. 

One of the major concerns of a squirrel bite is tetanus. It is a bacterial infection that can cause serious damage to the nervous system and be very detrimental to a person’s long term health. If you have not gotten a booster shot in five years and your cut seems dirty from the bite then you may need to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot, which can be a real pain if you know what I mean.

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