squirrel babies in attic insulation

Do Squirrels Mate For Life

Squirrels are a highly sexually active species in general their behaviour differs based on the colour of their fur. The most common are the red or brown squirrel, the grey squirrel and the black squirrel. The red and black squirrels are highly aggressive and non-familial. They fight each other and hunt each other young. They are aggressive and are more likely to enter your home through an opening. Grey squirrels are highly familial and raise children as a village. Black and red squirrels raise children alone as single mothers. The grey squirrels are often aggressed by the other two when they are out alone hunting. This is a common site, seeing a grey squirrel being chased by a red or black squirrel but rarely fighting back. Squirrels will mate on only two days of the year, once in the spring and once in the fall. On this specific day which is different for each squirrel, they will mate with as many men they can find and then abandon them, in the case of a black or red squirrel and will find a safe home to raise them away from any males of the species who will kill her babies to increase the survivability of their own.

Squirrel in a tree
Squirrels are capable jumpers and climbers they can get on a roof with ease and can chew an entryway through almost any material, especially plastic roof vents.

Squirrels are a type of rodent with a long fluffy tails. They have incisors that grow through their life like rodents and prefer nuts and seeds, also like rodents. While a whole family of mice or rats may siege your property or your home a squirrel will find a different entrance and while they are a danger, they have no interest in the food in your kitchen. They find food outside and often bring it into the nest they created in your home. They may invade wall vents or a roof soffit intersection or chew their way through a roof vent. They can get into a wall, an attic or any other structure on your property that can be accessed. The most common sign of this invasion is a broken vent or access point with insulation sticking out of it or on the ground. If you find this you have an animal in your home. The good news is that squirrels like mice, rats raccoons and other creatures are not trying to be quiet. They are very loud so if you have one in your attic or wall you will notice very quickly.

If this is the case then you will need to either get them out yourself or call a professional to do it. Professionals will often offer extended warranties on the process so if another animal gets in through the entryway that was sealed they will come back and remove the animal in the same fashion as before but for free. If you are speaking to a wildlife company and they do not offer a warranty on their service, move on to one that does. Otherwise, you may be left with another animal in your attic with no way to get it out paying for someone to come back and remove it.

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