Do Squirrels Remember Humans small

Do Squirrels Remember Humans?

Although squirrels have small brains due to their size, this in no way means that they are not intelligent animals; quite the opposite actually and if you have any problems with squirrels call our squirrel removal Toronto services today. Squirrels have excellent memories in addition to superior cognitive abilities, which makes them a distinct species with the Rodentia order. Have you ever attempted to feed a squirrel when lounging in your yard? If so, you already know that squirrels are not scared of humans in close proximity. If the transaction was successful–meaning the squirrel got a nice treat from you–you may be shocked to know that the squirrel will not likely forget who you are.

According to a ​recent study​ in the U.S., that was summarized in the Harvard Gazette, squirrels have excellent memory retention, which extends to how they are able to bury their food and remember it’s locations, as well as their recognition of humans who have provided them food in the past. The reasoning behind their advanced memory capabilities is likely due to their consistent physical activity, which sees them working and foraging well into the night.

Squirrels also have excellent cognitive abilities, which you have likely witnessed by how quick and precise they are in their daily activities. Apart from sleeping for a few hours each night, squirrels are constantly feeling out the world around them. They are incredibly astute in observing their surroundings, which could be another reason why a squirrel may remember that it is okay to approach a certain human being.

A good way to test this theory is to take a chair and sit below a tree that is active with squirrels. Begin to spread squirrel feed or nuts of some sort to get the attention of the squirrels. If you make eye contact with a squirrel that takes the food you have put down, there is a strong possibility that the squirrel will always remember the encounter.

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