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How Do You Get Rid of a Squirrel Nest in a Tree?

Removing a squirrel nest from a tree is nowhere near as easy as it sounds. If it were as easy as simply removing the nest, there would be no recurring issue of squirrel invasions throughout Ontario. The solution to the problem lies not in just removing the nest, but in taking steps to ensure that squirrels are not able to get into a tree in the first place. Due to the complexity of this task, which includes a thorough understanding of squirrel behavior, a ​squirrel removal Toronto specialist is the best approach from getting nests out of trees and keeping squirrels out.

A removal specialist will ascend into a tree to remove all vacant nests, which will also include an inspection of the tree trunk as well. Once all vacant nests are cleared, a specialist will then get to work in squirrel-proofing the tree. This will likely include the installation of a trunk collar within five to ten feet off the ground. Squirrels use their nimble mobility and clasping claws to climb up and down on the wood and other structures primed for clasping.

Squirrels cannot clasp onto certain types of structures that are slick or discomforting; therefore, a trunk collar made of aluminum works wonders to both block access to the tree above it with a wide collar and to prevent squirrels from being able to climb up further due to the discomfort caused by attempting to walk on aluminum. Due to squirrels being skilled jumpers, a professional will likely place trunk collars on all trees within close proximity to one another.

Additional measures can also include the trimming of tree branches that create an easy bridge from the ground into the tree, as well as the application of non-harmful, yet repellent chemicals onto the trees, which will make squirrels less likely to nest in the tree.

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