Squirrel Nest Removal How to Remove a Squirrel Nest from an Attic

Squirrel Nest Removal – How to Remove a Squirrel Nest from an Attic

Squirrels are generally attractive and cuddly animals to observe, that is until they begin to invade your attic. It is not good practice to have squirrels living and multiplying inside of an attic, not only due to the horrid mess they make but also because having feral animals in such close proximity to yourself and your family can be dangerous. It is also not legal to take squirrel removal into your own hands, which is where a professional comes into play.

To remove squirrel nests within attics, a removal specialist will assess the nest to make sure no babies are present. If there are no baby squirrels inside of the nest, this means that they are now self-sustaining squirrels on their own, which means that the nests can be removed. A specialist will then remove the nest and offer additional services for proofing your attic to ensure that squirrels are no longer able to enter the area.

There can be no guarantee that squirrels are not within the attic hiding out of plain sight, therefore, a removal specialist will usually plant traps to capture the squirrels and safely remove them. When squirrels are habituating inside of attics, this usually has nothing to do with a food source. They are nesting in the attic due to its close and easy proximity to the outside where their nourishment is, as well as the general warmth and safety of the area.

A specialist will usually suggest that all of the entry points that they have found will need to be sealed and closed off before any traps can be set to ensure that any hiding squirrels can be removed as well. Never attempt to solely remove a nest; always call a ​professional squirrel removal Toronto.

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