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How Long Does it Take for a Squirrel to Build a Nest?

Squirrels are both industrious and social animals that take great pride in utilizing one another to survive. Therefore, it may be surprising to discover that squirrels can construct a nest in as little as one day and it really hard to remove them since squirrels are very protective. Call us if you need squirrel removal Toronto services. Each squirrel will also construct and occupy two nests and upwards of three squirrel nests when factoring in a nest for the winter months and to harbor babies.

Nest construction is a primary component of a squirrel’s daily activity, which is crucial due to the constant threat of predators. When squirrels start to invade attics and rooftops of homes, this is likely due to the safety that these structures provide a squirrel. Humans rarely frequent attics, which along with the easy accessibility of reaching these dwellings, makes the upper portion of a home a perfect spot for a nest.

Leaves, twigs, paper, books, virtually anything that has a similar texture to leaves and grass will be used to construct a squirrel nest. In Ontario alone, nests have even been discovered on the top shelves of closets inside of the home. Once a nest becomes disturbed, it is only a matter of hours before a new nest can be constructed. Squirrels move very quickly and will deposit their nests in any environment that they deem to be safe.

Squirrels are also not isolated animals and will frequently band together to build a large multitude of nests in a given area. This can include chimneys, as well as inside of the lining of a roof. If you are discovering a large number of nests both in and around your home, contact a squirrel removal specialist to assess the situation. It is not legal to remove the nests and a professional will be able to survey the situation and monitor for activity.

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