Do Squirrels Sleep at Night

Do Squirrels Sleep at Night?

Squirrels can always be seen running around during the day, hiding nuts and climbing trees. They are practically everywhere. In Canada, squirrels are asleep at night. They cannot see well in the dark, so they go to sleep. The only exception to this rule is the flying squirrel, which is nocturnal but uncommon in Canadian cities. If there are lots of squirrels in your neighbourhood, beware of an invasion. Call Squirrel Control for an inspection and squirrel-proofing service that is guaranteed to keep the squirrels out.

Most squirrels are diurnal, so they are up during the day and asleep at night. They do not hibernate. Squirrels prefer to go about their days when it is light out and go to sleep when it is dark. Thus, squirrels build nests to sleep in at night. These are made of carefully woven leaves, twigs, and branches, specifically designed for stability and insulation. Outdoors, squirrels will build these about 60 feet above ground, between the branches of trees or within tree hollows. Like us, they like to sleep in safe, quiet, and cozy locations. This means that human homes are susceptible to squirrel invasions.

Attics, like trees, provide squirrels with the opportunity to nest above ground. They are also much warmer. Squirrels can feel the hot air that escapes roof vents and even smell the food that is stored inside the house. To get in, they will scratch and gnaw their way through soffits, vents, gaps, and holes. They may also choose to nest in the chimney. The problem with these invasions is that squirrels are highly destructive. They will tear up the insulation within the attic and contaminate it with feces and debris. Damaging the attic and roof may increase energy costs, create mold, and open the door to more pests.

There is nothing wrong with admiring the squirrels outside, but you should avoid feeding them and providing them with shelter in the house. Use squirrel-proof bird feeders and lidded garbage cans. Cover your vegetables with metal row covers and always pick up any fruit that have fallen to the ground. Trim tree branches away from the roof of the house. To squirrel-proof your roof, cover your chimneys and vents with a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh. Squirrels will not be able to chew through this material. Finally, make a habit of examining your roof every few years and keep it in good shape.

Nearly all the squirrels you see in Canada are asleep at night. Flying squirrels are nocturnal, but they are uncommon near human settlements. Hearing scampering sounds in the attic during the day is a telltale sign of a squirrel invasion. If you are interested in keeping your home pest-free, or if you suspect a squirrel nest in your home, give Squirrel Control a call. We offer guaranteed squirrel removal and pest-proofing services. We can safely remove any nest and block off all potential entry points. Call Squirrel Control for all your pest control needs: 647-496-0815.

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