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How To Eliminate Your Squirrel Problem Humanely

Squirrels may seem like a cute little animal roaming around your yard, but these pesky little creatures are still in the family of rodents and can cause an abundance of problems to your home, garden and more. Removing squirrels from your yard does not have to hurt them or harm them in any way. In fact, there many ways in which a person can effectively remove them for good in a humane manner.

The first step one should take is attempting to repel the squirrels. A good way to repel squirrels from your home is with the use of bright and flashing lights as well as devices that emit high pitched noises. Small inflatable and plastic animals also help to scare the creatures away because they will mistake them for a real threat.

Traps are another effective way to eliminate your squirrel problem is with traps. There are several traps that can be purchased at home improvement stores that effectively catch the squirrels without killing them. Bait such as nuts and grapes can be placed in the device to attract the the squirrels where they will then become humanely trapped. Once the squirrel has been trapped you have the option to take it to your local humane society or wildlife area.

Natural remedies are an excellent way to keep away squirrels. Squirrels have a very strong sense of smell and can be scared off with a variety of spices. By simply sprinkling cayenne powder or banana pepper juice around your yard, it will  almost act as an invisible fence that repels squirrels from your yard.

If you are experiencing a problem with squirrels around your home, it does not have to be hard to permanently keep them away using humane techniques. Above are plenty of ways to protect your home and the precious
wildlife at the same time.


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