How Do I Repair Damage From Squirrels

How Do I Repair Damage From Squirrels?

Sometimes, you might think squirrels are cute. But when you wake up in the morning to find all your tomatoes eaten— or worse, your attic invadedthe once-cute squirrels now become your full-fledged worst enemies.

And before you try to get rid of squirrels yourself, keep in mind that killing squirrels or harming them is prohibited in Ontario. So if you’re facing squirrel damage in any way, you must be prepared to follow the right methods to adhere to Ontario laws and call your local squirrel removal Toronto service. 

What Kind of Damage Can a Squirrel Cause?

Home Damage

Squirrels will often try to invade your home during the cold Ontario winters, as homes offer a source of warmth and therefore are  a perfect attraction for wild squirrels. Even during the summer months, if a squirrel is seeking shade from the sun, it’ll see your home as it’s prime target.

The tiniest of holes can be invaded by squirrels— even a 1 ¼ inch hole can be big enough for a squirrel to squeeze through. Once inside your home, squirrels can chew on wiring, causing electrical problems and fire hazards. 

They can chew on the wooden structures inside your attic, defecate and pee (which can bleed through your ceiling), ruin your insulation, create nests and harbor offspring, and invite other rodents and creatures into your home. This doesn’t even count the damage they can do outside your home.

Yard and Garden Damage

Yard and garden damage is extremely common. In fact, if you take a look at many homes in Toronto, you’ll find evidence of squirrel damage on most properties. Squirrels don’t even have to invade your home to cause damage. 

They’ll eat virtually all fruits and vegetables that you plant in your garden. In addition, squirrels are avid fans of tree fruits and will jump at the opportunity to eat them. 

It’s no secret that squirrels love to dig. In fact, some squirrel species, such as the flying squirrel, will dig and store up to 3,000 to 10,000 nuts a year. That’s good news for them, as they’ll be able to have plenty of food for the winter. But that’s bad news for you, as squirrels will be digging holes in your yard.

Squirrels can also damage trees in your yard. For example, debarking occurs when a squirrel gnaws down a tree’s bark. It’s done in order to maintain a squirrel’s ever-growing teeth, but ultimately causes damage to the tree by causing it to be susceptible to the elements. In worst cases, trees can even die from this.

How To Repair Squirrel Damage

Repairing Home Damage Caused By Squirrels

You can try to repair the damage yourself, but it’s best to call an expert, as squirrel damage can be deeper than what you see on the surface. 

For holes caused by squirrels, you can seal off holes using caulk or foam insulation. This is a risky method because the last thing you want to do is trap a squirrel inside your home— this can cause even further problems. Make sure that there are no squirrels trapped in your home, or get a professional to assess your home before trying.

If a squirrel has made its way into your attic, it’s best to call a professional. Damaged wiring, wooden structural damage, and squirrel waste can be dangerous to try and solve yourself. Calling a professional will likely be the safest and easiest method.

Repairing Yard Damage Caused By Squirrels

It’s extremely difficult to stop squirrels from damaging your yard, as squirrels live virtually everywhere in the Ontario region. If you have plants, you can try to protect them by using a pepper spray on the plants, as squirrels are very sensitive to spices. However, after rain the spray will have to be reapplied.

Trees can be protected by covering the base with a large metal sheet so squirrels can’t climb them. However, it’s best to get a professional opinion before attempting this, as this method may likely fail in the long term, as squirrels can even chew through metal


If you want a better option, it’s best to call a professional wildlife removal service. They will be able to assess your property and provide you with a personalized solution to your squirrel problems, even at affordable prices. Consider calling a wildlife removal company today, and get your squirrel damage problems taken care of. 

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