Squirrels in Ontario

Question: “Can you get sick from a squirrel?”


Despite what many people believe to be nothing more than a nuisance that is no help to the earth, squirrels are not as bad as many people might think. These wild creatures are not much different than other animals that people might keep as pets. Some people do keep squirrels as pets instead of the usual dog or cat see the video below.

Squirrels are rodents after all and therefore being to the same family as the popular pet hamster, gerbil or guinea pig. That being said, however, is the plain statement that a squirrel is an animal. It must be remembered that any person can get sick from coming into contact with any animal. After all, many people become sick after coming into contact with other sick people as well.

So squirrels are no different. Although coming into contact with a squirrel proves no greater or lesser chance of getting sick when compared to getting sick from coming into contact from any other animal, the threat is still present. For example, squirrels, like any mammals, have hair. The issue with hair is that certain bugs can make nests in-between hair follicles. Such common hair nesting bugs include lice and ticks. These types of bugs pose a threat as they bite the skin under the hair which can cause itchiness, rashes, and eventually a harmful infection. Plus, like any animal species, squirrels can also contract various forms of dangerous bacteria.

One form of dangerous bacteria that squirrels have been known to contract and pass to humans is salmonella. Salmonella is a very dangerous form of bacteria. This form of bacteria can infect the person itself by invading the organs that are associated with the digestive system. This includes the stomach and intestines. This can occur either directly, such as a human coming into physical contact with the salmonella bacteria itself. Also, a human, or any animal, can come into contact with the salmonella virus by eating food or drink water that has become contaminated by the salmonella bacteria. So call Squirrel Control if you need with squirrel infestation in Toronto or the GTA.

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