How long do squirrels remain in our houses?

How long do squirrels remain in our houses?

Unlike raccoons, squirrels are not long term visitors. Raccoons will live in an attic forever, they will never leave except to hunt at night. Squirrels only use the attic for a short time to get some very important things done, but they are both likely to destroy the attic in the process. The squirrel in many ways can be worse than a raccoon as once you rid yourself of a raccoon they tend not to show back up as frequently. However with squirrels, they can come in groups, swarms of squirrels can fill your yard. If you have a bird feeder it is probably already happening and your home will be in the biggest danger it has ever been in. So if you have squirrels on your property don’t wait.

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Call the professionals to come for an inspection. If there is nothing there you will have paid a small price for peace of mind, and if there is something, the inspection fee is included in the total price, so it would be completely free. 

Squirrels enter your yard for access to your garden and other food sources like an open garbage container. They will feast on anything you leave and will return frequently to check if there is more. They will eventually start to live in your yard and when mating season comes around the female squirrels on your property will be eyeing out your attic for a nest. This is why it is very important that no one feed or try to make friends with squirrels. They will stay on your property and when they need to make a nest to rais babies they will penetrate your roof and enter the attic and stay there for over a month to two months while defecating in, urinating in and destroying your attic. They could chew on electric wires that could cause a severe fire. They could cause feces and urine to leak through your ceiling. 

Squirrel mating season happens twice a year. They enter heat for the first time in the year at the end of the winter and then again later in the summer. They are capable of giving birth to up to 6 babies and they are entirely immobile for the first 3 weeks of their life and then only able to stand after that period. 

If you have this situation then you seriously need to call some professionals. Our technicians are licensed and trained in handling any pest or wildlife call. They can remove the squirrel in less than a week, humanely and with its babies. It will vacate the area and find a new place to nest. 

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