How to deal with squirrel nest in the garage

How to deal with squirrel nest in the garage

Squirrels seem so nice and lovable. They are so cute with their long fluffy tails and their anxiety-ridden hunt for nuts. But this is not what squirrels are, they are not cute, they are not lovable and they are not fluffy. I mean that figuratively. These animals are a menace. They are territorial, aggressive and angry. The female squirrel chases her male mate out of the nest, biting and scratching him until he leaves. From there she will care for the young exclusively on her own. Squirrel males can mate at all times of the year, like human males they are constantly searching for a new mate with whom they can spread their seed. The male squirrel’s goal is to impregnate every squirrel in his area. And he will go to incredible lengths to accomplish that goal. 

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The female is very different. She is, by far, the propagator of the species and without the female squirrels, the species would not survive. The female goes into heat twice a year. The first time is right after they finish their hibernation in the winter, hungry and turned on she leaves her winter nest to find a spring nest to give birth in. When she finds it, as described above, she will mate with a male and then chase him out of the nest. 

After this period she will give birth, it takes about three weeks for her to give birth and then three weeks for her babies to become mobile on their own. When born squirrel babies cannot see, have no fur and are entirely immobile, just like human babies. 

The female squirrel’s singular goal is to find a place to make her nest where she will not be bothered by predators and humans. This is most common in the attic but there are many other places squirrels like to use. A commonplace for squirrels to nest is behind air conditioners, in basements and even in the ductwork. She can also make her nest in a very frustrating location: the garage. If you do not store your car in the garage, if you use the garage as a packed storage locker, if you parked a car in there ten years ago and haven’t opened the door to the garage since then it is a guarantee that you have a wild animal in the garage. Aside from small rodents and rats, most animals will not make a nest in an environment that has an ongoing activity like a garage where a car is parked that is used daily. They will however go into a garage that has been forgotten by the owners, broken down and full of entrance ways. This type of garage and shed are a huge danger when it comes to squirrel infestation. 

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