How to Fill Gaps in Roof Eaves

How to Remove Squirrel Nest From Eavesthrough

There are many ways animals can get into your home. The eaves are one of these ways and it can be very frustrating for homeowners to deal with. Most people simply ignore the sate of their house, soffits falling off, rotting facia and open drip edges can cause all kinds of issues, especially when those issues are an animal getting into your attic. 

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Squirrels are a frustrating species that can leap very great distances and climb any surface aside from glass and smooth plastic. They are very sexually active species as they mate twice a year and with each mating, they lay a litter. This is almost as fast as a rabbit breed which is a bad sign for anyone who may have a squirrel in their home. Squirrels have a consistent life cycle. When the winter ends the female squirrel immediately begins searching for a good place to build a nest. This is likely going to be your attic unless you follow the bellow instructions and seal off every possible entryway before an animal manages to get in. This is paramount. You must seal off any entranceway with steel mesh and then when you have the time and the money you will have to get it properly repaired by a roofer or a builder.

Sometimes it might seem that you have squirrels inside your attic but all the noises is coming from your gutters. Squirrels can build nests inside gutters. In cases like these you don’t necessarily need squirrel removal but you need eavestrough cleaning!

The damage a squirrel can cause is beyond comprehension, they rid apart the insulation to build their nest, they defecate and urinate everywhere, so much that is can start leaking through your ceiling and make everyone in the family deathly ill from the many illnesses that you can catch from squirrel feces and urine. They also enjoy chewing on anything and everything so if you have a squirrel in your attic it is very likely chewing on electric wires right now, overnight your house could become a pile of ashes all because of a squirrel. 

If you need to fill in some gaps in your eave or your drip edge you can try doing it yourself but you will need to know how to climb a ladder and you will need to know how to repair facia and the soffits. Facia is the material that covers the base of the roof while soffit covers the underside of the roof. These are both necessary to keep animals out of the attic and to keep the attic temperature constant so the house doesn’t overheat and you don’t lose enormous amounts of money. 

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