How to get ready for squirrel baby season

How to get ready for squirrel baby season

Squirrels are the worst of all the wildlife infestations a person could have. Many people will say the raccoon is the worst pest but they are not nearly as common. You may have a raccoon break in once or twice a year but squirrels are consonantly trying to get into your attic every day of the year. And far more than one. They can cause incredibly extensive damage in a very short time, defecating and urinating on the insulation so that it drips down and stains through the ceiling. These squirrels can destroy your attic and even start a fire in your home. So you need to make sure to take precautions long before squirrel baby season hits.

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The easiest way squirrels get into a home is through an already existing hole. So at the end of the fall make sure to call in a roofing company and an exterminator technician to seal up any holes and reinforce them with exclusion and steel mesh. This will last the winter and prevent squirrels from trying to get in during the first baby season. The second baby season comes at late summer so most of the work you had done before the winter should still stand but it would not be a bad idea to call back that exterminator and have them check the exclusion and repair it if damaged, most companies offer two-year warranties on exclusion anyway, so take advantage.

Squirrel baby season happens twice a year. Once at the end of the winter, right at the start of spring, they get started early, and again in the late summer. These two times are the worst for people with attics as female squirrels who are ready to mate will first break into an attic to make a nest and fill the attic with food scraps and feces and urine. They also chew on wires and can cause a fire in the attic that could bring down your whole home.

One thing you should not rely on is hokey gimmicks and repellents that do not work. Do not attempt to trap a squirrel on your property with professional assistance. Squirrels may be annoying but they are protected wildlife in Ontario so killing them is illegal. It is much smarter to call Squirrel Control. Our technicians are at heights trained, insured and licenced to handle squirrels, no matter where they are. In your house or on your property.

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