how to protect downspout from squirrels

How To Protect Downspout From Squirrels

The issue with squirrels is they have the natural ability to leap as much as ten feet from a branch or off the ground. They can travel at incredible speeds and climb almost anything. So if you have one trying to get up your downspout you are in a lot of trouble. You can try sealing up the inside of the spout with steel mesh to stop the squirrel from crawling up inside of it but they can just crawl on top of it or, if you manage to block that access to, they will just climb a tree and hop directly onto your roof. There is no way to stop them unless you cut down all the trees on your property and then seal up every opening that an animal could get into. And if you have that serious squirrel issue you may want to consider it. 

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Squirrels are crazy animals. It is a known fact that squirrels will store thousands of nuts in hundreds of locations and that they forget over 90% of those locations every fall. It is very easy to come by a squirrel stash from years ago with rotting nuts that were never eaten. This is a good example of how squirrels think and act. Unlike raccoons which are slow and ponderous in their decision to invade your home, checking first for food on site, checking the roof a few nights in a row, testing the people who live in the house by staring at them from outside of a window for four straight hours seeing if they will come outside to shew him away. This is how raccoons function. They are slow, sly, intelligent, and aggressive. Squirrels are none of those things. Squirrels are nearly psychotic, they have a lot of energy and anxiety and they are desperate to find enough food to survive the winter. 

If a squirrel breaks into your attic or sheds they did not think about it for very long. They just saw a hole and went inside. They probably pooped a bit and stored some nuts and then left to find more nuts. Eventually, the squirrel realizes that no one comes in this shed anymore, it’s a perfect spot for a nest, so they make a nest, assuming they will never be bothered and when they are finally kicked out they just run off in a frantic fit to find a new place to live. When raccoons are kicked out you can see the grumpy annoyance in their face as they carry one baby at a time to the new nesting location they carefully chose as a nesting backup. 

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