How many squirrels live in one nest? Two and a half squirrels.

How many squirrels live in one nest? Two and a half squirrels.

Yea, squirrels are not super friendly with each other. They prefer their own nest and only rarely will they bunk up for warmth in the winter. There is a short period where a male and the female squirrel will bunk together to mate, but soon as there’s a bun in the oven the male gets going fast. Weirdly reminds me of, like, every guy I’ve ever met!

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So once Chad the unlovable Squirrel abandons his wife and children, the woman must take the lead. She proceeds to feed her children to teach them the ancient art of nest building and how to find the best nuts. By the time the kids mature at 10 to 12 weeks they leave the nest to start their own life of stealing seeds from birds. 

Squirrels tend to nest in trees. They prefer to be about 20 feet up and either build a nest betwixt two branches or find a hollowed area either from a dying tree or a woodpecker old home. They tend to have multiple nests for hiding from predators and hiding their nuts.

Funny note: Squirrels are so intent on hiding their nuts that they often forget where they have hidden a large number of them. 

Now for a dower note. Those same adorable squirrels can easily find their way into your attic and wreak havoc on your roof, vents, HVAC and insulation. No one wants their ceiling to leak squirrel urine. That’s just not right. They can also cause a lot of terrible illness and pass on dangerous insects that can be even worse. 

And don’t think you’re safe because you have a metal roof! Squirrels are capable of chewing through soft metals, wood, vinyl, asphalt shingles and more. They can tear through an aluminum roof like its nothing and then set up shop in your attic where they could build a nest and have a litter that will double all the issues you will suffer. 

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