How to get rid of the squirrel stuck in my AC

How to get rid of the squirrel stuck in my AC?

A squirrel stuck in an air conditioning system? As shocking as it sounds they seem to love it in there. And if they are nesting, especially with babies, you’ll be hard-pressed to get them out. 

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Trying to retrieve the squirrel yourself is very dangerous. The squirrel is likely to attack you and, with babies around, it could be very violent. They also carry a lot of toxins and bacteria. For this reason we strongly suggest you call a professional to retrieve the squirrel.

At Squirrel Control we can extract the babies and get the squirrel out with a one way door. One way doors are devices that can be attached to a vent opening and will allow a squirrel to exit the vent shaft but prevent it from returning. This is the only truly safe method of getting rid of a squirrel in your AC system. 

This whole process only takes one and a half to two hours to complete and within three to fourteen days the squirrel will vacate the premises and find itself locked out and evicted! Maybe next time the squirrel should think about paying some rent! 

When the activity ceases, we will send our technician to remove the one-way door and seal the entrance permanently. So, even if that little guy somehow gets through our mesh, we will be right back to fix it because you get a full 2-year warranty on all the work we did on your home!

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