How to Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

Squirrels in Ontario seem to enjoy bird seed which is a problem if you like to leave treats out for birds in the area. The squires scare away birds, finish the bird food and may venture to destroy your outdoor wooden furniture. Fortunately, this is a problem that you can resolve with relative ease.

Change Bird Feeder: simply trade your old feeder for a squirrel-proof design. These come in many different styles including one with a weighted trigger that allows the birds to feed but restricts access to the food when a heavier animal mounts the feeder. You may need to look up reviews for squirrel-proof feeders before purchasing one.

Install Baffle: you can purchase metal or plastic baffles at the local pet store. These install on top or under the feeder to restrict squirrels from accessing the food. Make sure that the baffle is at least 18 inches wide to prevent the animal from simply reaching around or over. You may also opt for a design that tilts or twirls so it’s too unstable for a squirrel to stand on.

Change Feeder Location: use a feeder that it at least six feet off the ground and has a smooth metal pole. Install the bird feeder away from gutters, porches, trees, wires or other fixtures that the squirrels can launch from. A clear radius of at least 12-feet around the feeder should be sufficient. Squirrels can jump about 10 feet from a fixture onto the bird feeder. Do not grease the pole as the oil may get on bird feathers and squirrel fur making them an easy target for prey.

Hire Wildlife Removal Company to Remove Squirrels from Your Home

Keeping the squirrels away from birdseed might not be a solution if you already have wildlife nesting in your attic, garage and chimney or under the shed or deck. The animals may simply go to forage elsewhere and come back to the den in the evening.

It is illegal to kill or harm wildlife in Ontario. It is also illegal to transport trapped squirrels for more than a kilometre without a license. Attempting to trap the animals on your own may expose them to predators, harsh weather and starvation or dehydration. Separating a mother from its young also causes baby squirrels do die from starvation and dehydration.

Hire a squirrel removal company in Toronto if you have animals nesting in or around your home. The professional will evict the animals humanely and block off potential entry points with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing to avoid the problem in future. Hire a company that offers a warranty of at least two years to guarantee that the eviction is permanent.

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